The Autumn Bucket List

The Autumn Bucket List
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It's that time again when you are sad that summer is ending but also super excited because the best time of the year for new inspiration is upon us.  
We listed the top 10 things to do this Autumn so you can find some inspo for your closet and your home.
This season gives you the perfect excuse to stay in and get comfortable.
No guilt over Netflix and Chill or Snacks and Naps.
Take a screenshot of this list we made you, and mark as you go- the all-time things to do in Autumn 2018
Autumn what to de top 10 on
1. Find your biggest and cosiest blanket 
 Find your biggest and cosiest blanket wash it and make it good as new. Remember that feeling you got when you first bought it! Make yourself a super cosy nest, watch a marathon of movies and mute your phone.
2. Make a batch of chai
We here at Bulvard learned a thing or two over the past years like that Chai tea is actually called Masala Chai and the conversation is still going on which is better, the traditional Chai Tea or the Chai Latte version. We blame Starbucks for making us addicted to Chai lattes over the years.
3. Pumpkin Carving 🎃
We tried to avoid it, but let's be real. Pumpkins. Number three will be about pumpkins- gather your friends and pin on Pinterest the best pumpkin carvings you totally are gonna do this year.
We highly recommend to Google “ How to empty out a pumpkin in 2 minutes “ - might be helpful this year!
Pumpkin Carving Ideas on blog
4. Make that Onesie work and Enjoy the Fireplace on Netflix 
    Autumn is that time of the year when onesies have their place. Gather a group of friends and have a onesie party at your place. Chill in front of a fireplace with your friends in your super cosy jumpsuits and plan out how you´re going to rock Halloween this year. And if you didn't know, there is a fireplace option on Netflix - just type in “Fireplace” on Netflix.
    5. The Leather Jacket
      Do we need to say more! 
      It's time to start dressing like a proper lady again on the streets. London fashion week and New York fashion weeks are over and all the new inspiration straight from the catwalk is available in now!  Get excited, since whatever the new trends are you know there is something that goes never out of style- a leather jacket!

      Green Leather Jacket on
      Yes, you can shop these by clicking the pic 💋
        6. Take that sunrise selfie as you planned.
      Let's be honest, it is easier to take that picture with the perfect ‘rise and shine’ caption when you don't have rise before 6 am to get that pic. Morning jogs become a lot easier when its still sunrise at 8.30am. Love that fresh smell in the morning when its Autumn.
       7. Scented candles
        We don't have explained this. Remember when your aunts place used to smell like cookies but there weren't any... We are starting to understand now. IKEA here we come. 
        8. Create a new outfit combo.
          Like every year, make a plan to read more-  but this time, make it about fashion and create yourself a completely new outfit combo. No new year new you- let's call it Autumn Edition You! Buy those heels and put on that Autumn Jacket. Add to that a new bag, some jewellery and a scarf- Boom, Autumn style.  

          Leopard print Autumn Jacket
          Yes, you can shop these by clicking the link 💋
          9. Roast Pumpkin Seeds 🎃
          Try out the new chips for the season. After carving that pumpkin you are left with a lot of seeds. Put some salt on them, maybe add your favourite spices and leave them in the oven for 30 minutes. New, healthy snacks.
          10. Start planning your Holidays.🌟🍾
            You have permission now to officially start planning your Christmas and New Years! Although there are a lot of things to do before those, let's be honest. The holidays are coming- and so is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Halloween.  If you are planning on celebrating any of these with your friends, its a good time to start looking for options where to. Finally, this time, you won't have to compromise at all- you were the first to book the venue for your new years eve party.




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