TOP 3 Outfit Savers

TOP 3 Outfit Savers
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If you ask me you can never have too many jackets. In autumn and winter, you are wearing a jacket for half of the time, so it’s important to have options to get the complete #ootd.
Nothing is more frustrating than the moment when you are ready to leave from home in your kick ass look, and you notice that you don’t have a jacket that goes with your outfit.
During autumn and winter, we prepare ourselves for the fresh and cold weather that waits for us behind the door every morning. That’s when we put on our favourite whoolies and dress up on layers.
Top 3 Jackets for the season tips on Blog Top 3 Jackets of the season. Warm Grey sweater image on Blog
I dare to assume that every one of us has more than ones left the house wearing a longer cardigan underneath a shorter jacket, and it keeps on peeking every other minute. And then there come the continues fixing and shoving to get it to stay under.
Let’s not do that anymore and make our lives easier by getting 3 jackets, that as a combination works on any occasion.

Everyday buddy

Every day looks are generally more simple and laid-back. Pair of jeans with a nice shirt. Maybe a sweater or a blazer on top. As an everyday jacket, we need a comfortable choice that goes on anything. Easy to mix with different looks and makes you look sharp even on Monday mornings.
NOTCH is a perfect choice. We wanna get a longer jacket that you can pull over a short or longer shirt. Doesn’t matter are you wearing pants, a skirt or a dress, it goes with any above. Keeps you warm and looks good. Instead of getting the safe black trench, get one with a print, so it spices up even a simpler all black look. NOTCH has the simple cuts what makes it easy to wear and an interesting check print.

Fancy friend
All the pre-Christmas parties are on their way, so you’ll need a fancier option for these occasions. You want to look good and elegant throughout the evening. A killer outfit indoors deserves a comparable jacket outdoors. You want to do an entrance, even THE entrance of the night.
BOWBU is here for you. It’s the city girls wonder woman cape. It’s girly with attitude. You can just put it on and it will do the rest. You don’t need to add anything and you’ll slay. It has interesting cuts that give people something to look at. BOWBU’s solid colour shares the attention also with more snazzy outfit underneath but goes perfectly with a classic black dress as well.
Cool girl
There’s always need for a jacket that you can wear either on a weekday or to a more chill girls night out. Cool girl outfit; slaying pair of jeans, with a cute top and some heels, needs a jacket that doesn’t cover all that sexiness
FAUXTER shows your leg on your catwalk moments and still keeps you warm. It goes with a girlier or a tomboy vibed look. The white colour has the fresh effect on your look and the animal print is the sexy cherry on top. Plus, teddy jackets never get old. FAUXTER keeps your look always interesting.
Now you would be ready to leave from the house from Monday to Sunday without the struggle of looking the same every day or frustration of incomplete outfit. And how convenient is that?
Guest Blog by a Professional Model and Fashion Lover @Jealindy
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